Sunday, September 04, 2005


This came through my In-Box two days ago...

There are emergency vehicles and strange looking equipment *everywhere*. Hellicopters fly over every ten minutes. There still some downed trees and power lines, but many people have their electricity back. People are waiting in line for gas that is not cheap.

People are recently very anxious over rumors of
violence in [EBR and surrounding] parishes.... I also heard there was a shooting near the shelter, around the time I drove through the neighborhood, but that is unsubstantiated as well.

The Chancellor of LSU has advised students to stay
inside because of reported muggings on or around LSU--But the news saying that all of these things are untrue. Who would you believe? Common sense says the news, but there is a voice in your head that says "of course they say it isn't true, they don't want people to panic", so there is some doubt.

Meanwhile, at the shelter, there are never enough
blankets or towells, and at the same time, some of the "residents" are hording things, others are taking advantage of the Red Cross's policy on letting residents become volunteers and just taking things for themselves and their families while other people sleepwith their heads on the concrete. And there are people sleeping in every possible place they can lay down. There are elderly and invalids, almost everyone there is poor and black. It smells pretty unpleasant too--as you can imagine with 1900 people would living in oneroom together. This morning I cleaned up an old man's cot that he had wet while his son just sat there and did nothing. And everyone demands more than we can give and some complain when they don't get the best of it.

The thing that keeps me going back is that the Red
Cross is constantly thankfull for *any* help, no matter how untrained it is, and *most* of the residents are genuinely considerate of eachother and me. And they seem truly thankful for the help you provide--only a few are difficult. One person said "You would never see this in New Orleans, these people treating eachother this way", and I believe him. It is truly remarkable to see people co-existing this way. They are either very resilient, or they have no idea how bad it is going to get...

Please, please, please...

If you're reading this, please organize and volunteer with emergency disaster relief efforts nationally and in your neck of the woods.

- Jason Jackson, Geaux Library Recovery Member


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