Monday, September 05, 2005

If You Have Books to Donate...

Librarians everywhere want to help libraries and library workers affected by Katrina. Aside from giving money or helping with local needs, if you are hosting evacuees, there's not much to be done yet. As people get back into their libraries, the needs will be identified and that's when the work will start. If you have books to donate, The Texas Library Association, in addition to taking donations for a relief fund, is working on a plan for receipt and distribution of books to libraries in need. So, hang on!

I read a post somewhere that said a particular library was not legally allowed to donate books, according to state statute. One way around this might be for someone to buy the books from your Friends group at a special price, maybe even via a "preview" sale. OR...have a table of books that you know will be in high demand for libraries that are rebuilding collections, and let booksale patrons buy a book for another library. That way, your Friends still make money, and another library benefits.


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