Sunday, September 04, 2005

Update on Medical Reference Materials to Baton Rouge...

We've successfully been able to help supply the American Red Cross and other emergency medical personnel with the medical reference materials they needed in Baton Rouge.

Addie, one of the Geaux Library Recovery team members in Baton Rouge, sent out an urgent plea for Merck Manuals and other medical ready-reference materials. The result was one of the largest, fastest responses to a "patron request" in history. And this patron request will actually help save some of the lives devestated by Hurricane Katrina. Librarians and other information professionals from around the country flooded Addie with offers - access to medical databases, discards, even contacted publishers to solicit donations.

I have had so many responses for now that I am asking that you wait until further notice before sending anymore books. I intend to come up with a more definitive list of books for these shelter doctors as soon as I can, and in the mean time, wait for the books to appear on my doorstep and see what we've got to work with. Many have offered other reference books and I don’t know yet if they will be needed, but I doubt they will be turned down. Others have purchased new copies and are having them sent directly to me, other shave suggested and offered access to public and private online databases, and still others have contacted the publishers of these sources (Merck and Washington Manuals) to see about them donating.

Thanks to all who stepped up to the plate on this one. We'll be calling on you more in the future.

- The Geaux Library Recovery Team


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Geaux Library Recovery said...

Red Cross is not the go-to place for that sort of thing. They only deal with moving HUGE amounts of stuff. Maybe folks who have stuff can coordinate with other relief efforts in their communities.


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